Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Smiles...

Summer finish!

American Quaker Band Sampler

Summer stitching WIP....  still working on those eyelets!

Blackbird Designs her sampler SAL

Summer's beauty...

Summer naps......zzzzzzz.....

Summer lunch with a friend.... cranzinger chicken salad with pecans and cranberries, SO yum! 

Summer project planning...

Heartstring Samplery ~ His Eye is on the Sparrow

Summer book fair finds!

Summer black raspberry sweetness!  

It is so hard to believe that the end of summer is near.

Wishing you a week filled with miles of smiles and happy stitches!  xxxx

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday WIP

Happy Hump Day!  I already have my eyes on the weekend ahead :)  

I got a bit further on my American Quaker Band Sampler.  Next up is some over-one!!...

I am very excited about some of the new designs coming out of the St. Charles Market, especially the BIG sampler from Heartstring Samplery!  It will be a fun one!!

I have been stocking up on some linens...  Not always easy finding exactly what I am hoping for on the internet.  All of you with LNSs are so very lucky!  On the far left is some Graziano that was supposed to be Antique White, but next to the Zweigart antique white it sure doesn't seem so.  Then I ordered some flax since I LOVED stitching my SDW Sampler on what I had originally ordered as flax.  Hmmm, that doesn't seem the case either! lol  Now I am waiting for some Ivory/Cream to arrive and hoping it will be just right!  

This week the Scarlet Letter Years group posted a new interview with an amazing stitcher, Karen.  I know many of you are in the group but for those who are not I thought you might really enjoy reading her story and seeing her beautiful samplers!   Karen's interview can be found here.  It is the 17th!! interview in the series, Beyond the Little X.  All of the interviews can be found at this page here.  Many who you may know from blogland such as Edgar from Blacksheep's Bit of the Web and Robert from a Gentleman's Samplings.  I enjoy going back to all of them for inspiration. Two of my favorites, an interview with Marsha Parker of the Scarlet Letter and Sampler Annie.  I hope you take a look-see.  You will be amazed and inspired I am sure!  

It seems to have been a very long week!  The passing of Robin Williams hit me harder than I could ever have imagined.  His talent was genius and like none other.  He could make me laugh so hard I would cry.  

And then to hear Lauren Bacall also passed on, more heartbreaking news.  Bogie and Bacall were quite the pair.  They made some fantastic movies in their years together.  

Here is my super moon shot from Sunday!  Enjoy the rest of the week!  Happy Stitching!  xxxx


Friday, August 8, 2014

Road trip to Long Island

TGIF!  The summer weeks are flying by!  I have made some progress on American Quaker Band Sampler.  I love the crispness of the black letters.  More than half way now!

Last weekend I took a trip to Long Island to catch up with friends and see my Mom for her birthday.  

On Saturday evening I went to a minor league baseball game with friends to see the Long Island Ducks!  It was a special military appreciation night.  There was a presentation to the forces attending the game and the home team guys wore camouflage uniforms.  Such a beautiful stadium!  

Lots of great fun with audience participation games between each inning, with the help of the team mascot - Quackerjack!  

A grand finish to the evening with a win for the home team and a fireworks extravaganza! 

On Sunday I took my mother out for a birthday lunch at her favorite chinese buffet.  We had a nice time celebrating and catching up.  Then I was on the road again back home.  

Hope you have a stitch-y weekend!  I hope to do the same!  Enjoy!  xxxx

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Postcard Blog Hop!

I received a beautiful postcard today from Astrid!  A lovely stitched garden and arbor...

She writes:  

Looks like a beautiful place to visit, Astrid!  If I get to travel to Devon I would love to see it too!  

My mailbox was quite full today as I also got a Summer postcard from Jo too!  She also had stitched a piece of Clovelly Court that she wanted to share...

To learn more about Clovelly Court you can visit the village's website here!  What a sweet town right on the coast!    

Thanks so much Jo for starting this Summer Postcard blog Hop so we can share our summer garden stitching!  For more about this hop and to see all the other postcards that have been sent and received so far visit Jo's blog at Serendipitous Stitching!  So much fun!!

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer so far!   I have been busy stitching and hope to have lots to share with you soon.  Enjoy your weekend!!  xxxx

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So Peachy!

Hi there!  How is your summer stitching going?  I did pick up one of my WIPs over the weekend while watching the World Cup finale.  Hooray for Germany!  :-)

I am patiently waiting for some new fabric to arrive, some 36 ct linens, that I may use for Hannah Pepper.  Yes, second guessing already ~ how unusual!  lol!  So I picked up my Scarlet Letter American Quaker Band that was in progress already.  Here is where I had left off a few months back....  

... and here is where it is now!  I really wasn't diggin' the pale peach color as it seemed to disappear right into the fabric.  So I unpicked it all, and also that medium green color since for the life of me I could not remember what color I substituted it for and it was no longer in my bag..... it must have gravitated to another WIP!  So I found a wonderful skein of floss in my stash that I had gotten from Victorian Motto.  All shades of peaches so I decided to use it instead to brighten things UP!!  

Perhaps a little too far to the bright spectrum??  Not sure yet, it definitely looks happier!  What do you all think??   Since the main body of the this sampler is all done in black I think this POP! of color might suit it fine.  

I have to say too that Nancy's dyed floss is a real dream to work with, so much better than others I have tried!  Love it!

I also wanted to share a super sweet surprise that I got in the mail this week... a gorgeous emery berry from Nicola.  Thank you so much Nicola!  I love it!  These berries are made by Cyndi Foore and you can find all her beautiful berries at her fb page.... Strawberry Fields Needlework.  The finishing is exquisite!  

Hope you are all having some summertime fun!  Here are some pretty yellow daylilies that have been blooming here....

Happy Summer and Happy Stitching!!  xxx

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekend picture walk

Here it is Sunday evening already!   This weekend has been a whirlwind but lots of fun!

Here is Hannah Pepper again, looking not much different than the last time!  Turns out that red was not red enough for me so I unpicked and re-did with 304.  I think this one will stick!  I also decided to go with 352 instead of 356, for now!

My friend visited from Long Island for the weekend and we stopped over at the Country Mill again in Sandy Hook, what a fantastic shop full of prim things!!   

Right next door was the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, a perfect spot for a mid afternoon snack on the deck overlooking the river.  

There was an amazing summer breeze, it was blissful!  I tried a new wheat beer, Raspberry Hefeweizen!!   oooh SO good!  

From there we headed to the Danbury Ives concert park for an evening of music under the stars.... 

....rocking out with Peter Frampton!  What a fantastic concert!!

Then we found a great place after the show for a midnight snack!  What a fun place!!  An eclectic eatery with lots of vintage artifacts.  Looking forward to going back again.  

On Sunday, we headed out early to the famous Elephant's Trunk flea market in New Milford CT.  What an eclectic market with rows and rows of vendors!  We saw lots of people making off with their new found treasures.  No treasures for us though, hopefully next time!  

All in all, a beautiful and fun weekend!  

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend filled with friends, family and fun!  

Have a great week filled with miles of smiles!  xxxx

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June stitches and more!

Hi Everyone!

I went back and put a few more stitches into the Blackbird SAL.  The eyelets, while pretty, seem SO time consuming!  16 stitches to each one!  I debated on going backwards and trying something different but I do like the effect so onward she goes...

And, of course, I have something new too!  lol!  

I have started up with Hannah Pepper, one of my bucket list stitches!  There have been a few finished Hannahs posted on facebook recently and they finally gave me the push I needed to pull out my Fine Lines issues.  I also want to thank Mary and Ellen for their thoughts on color options.  I have figured out my palette using a combination of what is called for and some that are not.  

And so she begins too....  already I am thinking "is the red red enough??"  lol

Since moving to Connecticut I love seeing all different wildlife in my yard...  chipmunks, ducks, wild turkey, egrets, foxes, and deer, but imagine my SURPRISE when I found a BEAR outside my back door!!  Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get a pic, but it was amazing to see.  It looked like a young adult and I think it was just as surprised to see me too!  So sorry no picture, but this pretty deer was very willing to strike a pose...

Last weekend I went to a Weissbier festival at the local German restaurant.  Weissbier is a wheat beer which makes it a bit sweeter.   Perfect and refreshing for a warm summer evening.  Prost!

So that is all for June...  it has been very exciting watching all the World Cup coverage.  GO USA!! I am glad it will continue into July, along with Wimbledon tennis!  

Have a great week!  Happy Stitching!  xxxxx